EPA Services

Who Needs RCRA Training?

“The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) gives EPA the authority to control hazardous waste from the “cradle-to-grave.” This includes the generation, transportation, treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste. RCRA also set forth a framework for the management of non-hazardous solid wastes. The 1986 amendments to RCRA enabled EPA to address environmental problems that could result from underground tanks storing petroleum and other hazardous substances.” – epa.gov

The US EPA requires that all hazardous waste facility personnel (“all persons who work at, or oversee the operations of, a hazardous waste facility and whose actions or failure to act may result in noncompliance…”
40 CFR 260.10) receive training at least once a year.

Meet our RCRA Expert

Carmen Marriott, JD, a retired corporate attorney, served as chief environmental and energy counsel for multiple sites in several domestic jurisdictions. During her tenure, she resolved environmental liabilities at major operating sites, closed several sites while minimizing or eliminating long-term environmental and other liabilities. She has extensive litigation experience at the state and federal levels.


“Carmen is very engaging and clearly passionate about waste and is a true expert and professional in her field.”
– Senior Environmental Engineer in RCRA Refresher Class

“I enjoyed the way Carmen encouraged us to work within groups. Also, she was very hands-on in making sure we understood the course material.”
– RCRA Refresher student

“Very excellent presenter – made me think and made me aware of mercury contamination worldwide.”
– EHS Professional in RCRA Refresher Class

Who Needs Asbestos Training?

Asbestos Building Inspector
Required for individuals who will investigate public or private buildings for asbestos-containing materials.

Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor
Completion of this course certifies the individual in removal, encapsulation and enclosure of asbestos-containing materials and to be the on-site competent person for an abatement crew.

Meet our Asbestos Expert

Brian Gladhart, CIH, CSP, has been providing Industrial Hygiene services throughout the southwest since 1992. He maintains professional certifications in several key areas (Asbestos, MSHA, Emergency Response and FEMA) and brings his years of experience to ETC by providing training in our various Asbestos classes.


“Great Class! I learned a lot! Thank you!”
– Principal / Facilities Manager in Asbestos Operations & Maintenance class

“Good instructor. Class time is interesting, keeps it motivating.”
– Asbestos Contractor Supervisor student in refresher class

“Great class and instruction as usual!!”
– Safety Engineer in Asbestos Building Inspector class


Open Enrollment Training

  • 16-hr RCRA Initial
  • 8-hr RCRA Annual Refresher
  • 24-hr Asbestos Building Inspector Initial
  • 4-hr Asbestos Building Inspector Annual Refresher
  • 40-hr Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Initial
  • 8-hr Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Annual Refresher

Custom Training

  • 8-hr Lead Renovator (RRP) Initial
  • 4-hr Lead Renovator (RRP) Refresher (every 5 years)
  • Lead Abatement CS and worker
  • Lead Building Inspector
  • Lead Sampling Technician

OSHA, not EPA, Regulated Training

  • Asbestos Awareness
  • 16-hr Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Initial
  • 4-hr Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Annual Refresher

Consulting Services

Keep your company in compliance and running smoothly with these consulting services:

  • Emergency Procedure Guide
  • Emergency Response Plans / Development / Training
  • Emergency Services
  • Evacuation Contingency Plans
  • Fire Systems Analysis
  • HazCom / SDS Compliance
  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Safety Manual Development
  • Site Hazard Analysis
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Written Program Development